The Benefits of Battery Lights Over Traditional Fairy Lights

Posted on December 26, 2017 By

Everyone loves fairy lights. They look solid, they can be used almost anywhere along with so many colours and styles available you have the perfect fairy light option for everybody and occasions. Whether you are right after some elegant white fairy lighting to brighten up a vase complete of flowers, or you are keeping a disco themed party with regard to teenagers and want some vibrant, flashing rope lights, you will usually find the right fairy lights for your needs.

The majority of fairy lights are actually available in both a traditional, plug-in edition and as cable free battery lighting. Some are even available in the USB format. They are used for from Christmas and birthday parties in order to wedding receptions and more, however they could also be used as a fantastic home decoration the entire year round. In almost every instance, electric battery lights beat plug-in lights being a better, cheaper, safer option to select. Here are some of the main advantages of choosing battery lights for the fairy lighting needs.

Use Them Anywhere

Unlike traditional fairy lights that require to be plugged into a socket, electric battery lamps can be used absolutely anywhere, a minimum of above ground. From small guitar strings used to decorate vases and picture frames, to extra long string lights used for outdoor venues, it will always be possible to buy battery versions of the fairy lights that you want in case you look for them. You are not restricted to needing to hang them up in just a certain distance of your closest plug socket, nor do these people only need to be used indoors. You may pop battery lights in trees and shrubs, on the ceiling, on your roof… the particular opportunities are endless.

No Unsightly Cables

Not only can battery lights be used pretty much anywhere, they will furthermore look great no matter where you choose to put them. There are no long, unsightly wires trailing away from them, which does mean no trip hazard either. With their vastly improved versatility, their own aesthetic attractiveness, and their functionality, using battery lights is earn, win, win.

Less Risk of Fire

When plugging in fairy lighting or rope lights to a wall structure socket, there is the danger of the particular plug overheating if leaving the particular lights on for long periods of time, and this can cause a fire. You can minimise this risk by utilizing battery lights as these are a solitary unit that receives no more strength than the batteries can give them, removing the risk of a potentially harmful power surge.

Cheaper to Run

Electricity powered lights will, on average, eat more energy than battery lighting. Of course, batteries will ultimately need changing but by buying standard rechargeable batteries you ensure that you will not have to maintain buying new batteries, and re-charging a set of batteries costs a lot less than powering the lights on their own for the same period of time. Battery lights will therefore save you profit the long run.

Extra Durable

As battery lighting can be used both inside and outdoors, manufacturers have generally gone to additional lengths to ensure that these portable fairy lights can withstand varying climate conditions. You will generally find that electric battery lights are much more durable and durable that traditional plug-in lights.

Overall, I think that the benefits of electric battery lights are clear when it comes to selecting the correct fairy lights for you requirements. However, if you have decided to opt for electric battery lights there still remains your decision over which ones to choose exactly, along with numerous different varieties available. From elegant clear or white lighting to multi-coloured versions, you will be able to get absolutely any colour that you desire. You can also choose from bulbs that stay permanently on, flashing lights or even ones with a special lighting series such as waves. Finally, there are also many types of battery lights available apart from the humble string of lighting. You might want to buy thick string lights which are especially useful for outside thanks to the fact that the bulbs are insulated from the elements, or you may want to choose a net or curtain lighting to easily decorate walls that a stunning backdrop for any event.

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