New Wall Sconces For The Kitchen

Posted on February 11, 2018 By

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Behold, these beautiful lights. Yesterday I had an idea. I wanted wall sconces on either side of my kitchen window, set into the subway tiled walls around the window. Fortunately we are still waiting to get our kitchen put back together again, so it wasn’t too late to get the wiring all ready for my new lights!

It took me about five minutes to find these perfect sconces online at Restoration Hardware and fall in love. At first I was searching around and found sconces I loved, but they were like $300-800 each. WHAT, I really wanted beautiful lights but not for $800 each. So when I found these gems I was really excited!

While they are not necessarily what I’d consider cheap lights, they are quite reasonable considering how much style and personality they will add! Sometimes in fixing up your house you can’t look at the price tag of each individual item but rather the budget as a whole. Then you can play around with options to end up with what you want most of all.

Evoking early-20th-century industrial lighting, our reproductions of vintage fixtures retain the classic lines and exposed hardware of the originals. Designed to showcase the warmth of Edison-style filament bulbs. -Restoration Hardware

I adore the mix of metals on the light and the character of the old fashioned light bulbs! They are of similar style to the new wall sconces on my stair wall (which I’ll show you in a separate post soon about my stairs), but they are unique and special so I’m excited they will have a prominent place in my kitchen.

I love replacing the builder’s standard lighting with quality fixtures, especially beautiful early 20th century reproduction lighting as it adds so much timeless character and personality. While I have to update slowly due to my budget constraints, it is an update worth waiting for.

The only thing is that the addition of the lights would cause a little interference with the original plan I had for the wall above the new cabinet to the right of the sink. My plan was for two open shelves there, and I hope to still do them, but I’ll have to adjust to make it work with the light, or just do one light on the left. Darn. So, sometimes my new great ideas mess up previous great ideas and I have to make a few modifications.

Nothing is ever easy or simple, but that is part of the fun, right, Yes,

I can’t wait until I have more progress pictures to show you but we are still waiting on a few details and items to arrive before any more work starts. So, basically my house is still torn apart. But I’m ok with that. Removing things I didn’t like and then living with it that way for awhile, even if it is undone, really helped me to visualize the potential in my house instead of being stuck on wha

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