Do Plants Grow Better With Sunlight or Artificial Light? A Difficult Question

Posted on January 15, 2018 By

Many individuals simply getting started in home gardening might be asking, “Do plants grow better with sunlight or artificial light?” There is no simple way to answer this question; rather it is important for a person to consider the needs of the type of plant they are wanting to grow. Most types of plants is going to do well with either one of these lighting, so long as they are well cared for. This will mean providing the right amount of artificial lighting for a plant depending on whether or not it normally thrives within shady conditions or in sunlight.

It is a well understood proven fact that plants need light in order to endure. The reason for this is that vegetation use the energy they receive through light in a process called the natural photosynthesis. Since each plant requires a various amount of light to survive, it is not generally possible to grow a sunny along with a shady plant side-by-side, regardless of whether or not they are receiving either kind of these lights discussed. Rather compared to asking, “Do plants grow better with sunlight or artificial light?” a person should be thinking about the particular requirements of the type of herb that they intend to grow.

While there could be certain plants that just learn better with natural sunlight, the majority of vegetation will do just fine if their needs are usually met by an artificial lighting. This will mean not placing the plant that typically prefers tone under intense artificial light for longer periods of time. Likewise, a plant that will prefers intense sunlight will not grow if the artificial light is receiving is just not bright enough or left upon for long enough period of time. Which kind of light will a plant develop better with? Unfortunately, the answer is it depends.

Different types of plants may grow just fine side-by-side under synthetic light if they have the same light specifications. Another thing to keep in mind when mimicking sunlight with an artificial light is the fact plants only use a certain range of light for photosynthesis. This will mean that for a plant to develop with either type of these lighting, the artificial light will have to be a single designed specifically with plants in your mind in order to provide the right spectrum of one’s. Hopefully, this will provide some regarding the question, “do plants grow better with sunlight or artificial light” and make it simpler for a home garden to do just as well indoors or outside.

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